My fascination with computers started in the late 90’s. Consumer PC’s were barely being introduced and at that time, ran Windows 98 SE. Using a computer, back then, was a very troublesome affair. You had to do a lot more research to figure things out, compared to the latest version of Windows, Windows 7.

I’m not sure when I learned how to repair computers, but my first family computer was a major stepping stone. I am a self-taught computer repair technician. I learned how to fix computers through first-hand experiences while fixing my own computer.


After graduating college, I decided to commit myself to starting this business. I have been doing computer repair on the side for years, but never took the initiative to start a business.

I enjoy helping people and more importantly, educating people on the subject of technology. I make an effort to explain problems thoroughly and offer tips to prevent future problems. I hope I can make a sustainable business while helping people.