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Why Choose Us

Mobile On-site Service
We come to your location – home or office – to perform service. No need to disconnect any cables, move desks around, or pack anything up.

Lightning Fast Turnarounds
Get your computer back up in running in no time at all, usually within 1-2 business days when parts are in stock.

30-Day Guarantee
All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days after service. New parts are covered by their manufacturer warranties. Normal wear and tear, virus infections are excluded. If new problems arise, directly related to the previous repair, repairs will be free of service charge, but travel fees may apply.

Free Pickup and Drop-off
We do not charge extra for picking up or dropping off your computer, within city limits.

24/7 Tech Support
Have a question or just want to talk, give us a call. Contact our tech support anytime, day or night.

Featured Post


Windows 10 Preview

The new Windows OS, Windows 10, is already in Preview stage and is only a matter of time before its release. You can download the technical preview at Microsoft. There are some notable changes that i think will help reluctant users transition over. The biggest problem that users were complaining about was the new Start screen, r...

Stop the Pop-ups

Pop-ups can originate from several different sources - an installed program, virus, operating system, bundled software, websites. In general,  i am going to refer to pop-ups as any kind of window that opens without user interaction. Non-malicious pop-ups can any of the sources described. For websites, the pop-ups are usually ...

Lengthen the life of your computer

Many average users think computers do not require any maintenance in the physical world, but they do. In reality, it only requires a small amount of maintenance and just common sense. Below is a photo of a laptop I recently looked at, notice the large dust/lint ball that was lodged between the fan and the vents. Keep your...